Description: is a responsive blog website for the YouTube channel يلا مشوار / Yalla Mishwar. Made to host their blogs about their journeys around the world where they travel to new countries and get to know their culture, traditions and  their food. In addition to hosting the giveaways yalla-mishwar do.

The client requested a 2 page website. First Home, Where there is a big full width full height photo as a place holder while a YouTube video loads to be a background to the Hero Section. Underneath it is a post grid that contains all the posts that where posted with a filter based on the country. Then a basic about us section with and a gallery section.
The second page is the giveaway page that contains instructions and a form to sign up for the giveaway the channel hosts. The form will send the submitted data to the official site email and to a tab in the backend where are the submissions are visible and controllable.

The client was provided with a custom recorded video tutorial showing how to use the site, post, manage published posts, hosting giveaways and receiving submissions.

The site is build with the theme Astra with the page builder Elementor and some additional plugins to compensate for the absence of Elementor Pro (to minimize cost for the client). SEO by Yoast SEO, and site performance is handled by many plugins mainly wp-optimize. Caching is served by the host server.

Why Elementor ?

I Used Elementor because you can design almost any thing with Elementor. It is easy to use for fast editing, is popular, trusted by millions of developers and has a small impact on the performance of the site.