Description: is a responsive simple to use website. job is to host AutoCAD projects, blocks and 3D Max Models.
The client requested an easy to use website where a post has extra custom fields (Direct Download link, File Size ,etc..).
So in total I built a custom designed Single Post Page Template, Archive Page Template and Home Page which is not intended to have as much visitors as the singles and archive pages. Because most of the traffic for such type of websites comes from googling the wanted AutoCAD block or project, like Stack Overflow.

The site is build with Elementor on Hello Elementor Theme. SEO by Yoast SEO. Basic performance and image compression by WP-Optimize.

Why Elementor ?

I Used Elementor because you can design almost any thing with Elementor. And my client provided me with a custom design. Not to mention how it is easy to use for fast editing, is popular, trusted by millions of developers and has a small impact on the performance of the site.