General info

Python script to stop/kill background tasks and services that consume too much CPU power, memory or bandwidth with just one click.

The problem

Some Tasks/Services in Win10 and Win7 auto-run on the computer and start consuming the computer recourses. We usually head over to Task Manager and manually stop them one by one. But sometimes they auto-restart and you can’t simply prevent the auto-start for some reason.

In the _Before screenshot “Delivery Optimization” Service and “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run” are eating my internet connective in a time where I need the full internet bandwidth .

The solution

We basically automated the “go over to task manager and kill each process/service one by one” part. It’s now just one click and python does the rest for us.

In the _After screenshot “Delivery Optimization” Service and “Microsoft Office Click-to-Run” got stopped along with some other process I defined earlier in TaskKiller_v1.py . Thus freeing up CPU usage, Ram and internet usage.


Project is created with:

  • psutil
  • subprocess
  • ctypes, sys


How to use

There are 2 files, the py file is the main python code, and the bat file is just a batch file that the user may use to run the script by just clicking it, or maybe to run the script on startup if moved to windows startup folder.

In the py file the user can add the programs and services names wanted to be stopped. You can get the service name by hitting (win+r) and typing services.msc and pressing enter, then search for the service you wish to stop and right click it then hit properties. The service name will be listed at the top, copy it and paste it as a string in the list list_of_services_to_kill . You can get the program name by right clicking it form the task manager then hitting properties. Add it to list_of_programs_to_kill as string, don’t forget the .exe .

The code is tested on Win10 and Win7.

How the code works

First, the code checks if the python script has admin privileges. If no then re-run the script with admin privileges. The rest of the code is self explanatory.

Tech Used

March, 2020

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