General info

Interactive telegram bot that archives and stores pdf files and pictures in a tree-based structure and allows users to navigate this tree structure to obtain the wanted file.

The problem

Before exams in “The Facility of Economics in Al-Baath University”, demand on e-files/e-books becomes massive. Some students can’t buy paper versions for different reason.
And with no official source for those e-files, unofficial files gets exchanged with height potential of being outdated or missing some information.

The solution

We created a system where “Admins” add official, clean and reliable e-files to a tree structure that the student can navigate and browse to his designated file through a telegram-bot interface.


  • Python
  • Telegram API
  • JSON
  • Always on Scripts

How to Use The Bot:

As a User:

In short, we start the chat with the bot by hitting the /start command. You will be asked what college, year, semester you are in. And files will be filtered accordingly.
You pick the subject and the material. And the file the you can download will be sent to you.

As an Admin:

After registering your telegram user id in the actual code, many commands will be activated that you can easily add, delete, rename and comment a file.

Tech Used

January, 2021

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