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WP Themes & Plugins

Request your own design and functionality to server your business needs. Ensuring high reliability, best performance and latest code standards and best practices.

Technical SEO And Performance Optimization

Optimizing your site to last byte and Setting up the latest Tech and Speed Hacks while maintaining Stability and Simplicity. Boosting page load time and Site Search engines Ranking.

WordPress Development

Professional Responsive sites built with the newest and highest standards ensuring the best SEO results and excellent performance.

Words About Abdoo

Nour ZetonaImage

Abdullatif is a talented and skilled individual. He solves problems like a pro, writes amazing code and always delivers quality work. Despite his young age, he is super professional and reliable and has shown maturity and responsibility in handling various projects and tasks. Notably, Abdullatif is always eager to learn new things and improve his skills. He is not only a great team member but also a great friend. I highly recommend him for any creative and challenging role.

Nour Zetona

Senior Web Developer

Amena Samra آمنةImage

I can say that Abdullatif is one of the best developers I have worked with, very talented and intelligent individual, but also very attentive to details and best practices. Abdullatif is also a team player and a motivator. He is very adaptive and has excellent problem-solving skills. One of the things that impressed me most about Abdullatif was that he has a keen eye for spotting potential code optimizations for a better code preformance, quality and readibilty.

Amena Samra آمنة

Senior Web Developer

A passionate developer who loves challenges and learning everything new!
You added a wonderful imprint to our team
Plansters is proud that you are one of our family

Lubna Alkhen

CEO of Plansters | Senior Business Developer | Product Manager

Ahmad TinawiImage

During my career as Web Development Manager in Majarra Company I’ve rarely came across real developers like Abdullatif . I had the opportunity of working with Abdullatif on critical and important tasks, and I have to say, I’ve never seen anyone before having thinking skills like him. He made a huge change in the productivity level all across the team. Abdullatif always made sure at the end everyone was hyped. Abdullatif earns my highest recommendation and I believe he will be one of the most important developers and increase his career to be leader.

Ahmad Tinawi

Web Development Team Leader

Aya TelloImage

Abdullatif and I worked together on several tasks and projects in Majarra, and as a quality engineer I found him an experienced, and helpful software developer.
Plus, Abd is always welcoming to feedback and making improvements, self-motivated and a great team player.

Aya Tello

Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Client Bana Testimonial

Abdoo is a talented intelligent individual. He’s one of the most reliable and motivating people I’ve ever worked with. He has wide experiences and a deep intellectual mind that make him capable of creating the optimal technical solutions for the most complex problems and requirements. I recommend Abdoo to everyone looking for a skilled developer to work on a web project.

Bana AlKhaled

Creative Professional | Aerospace Student


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Abdullatif Al-Mayhob

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I like talking, meeting new people, making new friends. Let's work on a new project. Let's build a startup together. Let's leave the the earth and conquer the space. Let's eliminate all the boundaries to our dreams. It would be a pleasure to know you. Contact Me !